Single Purchases

Selling your content as a single purchase makes for a simple one-off transaction between you and your customers.

How much does it cost to sell something on Mavenseed?

If you're selling something a transaction fee is collected for each purchase, or recurring membership payment. Mavenseed's fee is 8% for free accounts, and 4.5% for Plus accounts. Keep in mind the fee's negotiated with your merchant (Stripe) account are separate from ours

For $39/mo we offer a plan that reduces your per transaction fee from 8% to 4.5%, while also increasing the download limit to 500mb and the total videos uploaded to 300. If you have higher requirements, drop us an email

Any product you sell, be it a streaming video course or a downloadable e-book or software, may be sold as a one-off transaction through single purchases or included within a membership. When you offer content as a Single Purchase your customer is able to pay for the product once and access or download it immediately.

Any updates to the product will also be made available to the customer.

You may sell Downloads, Courses, or Livestreams as a single purchase by choosing the Single Purchase option from the Sell tab of your product edit view.

Single purchases make for a straight-forward offering with none of the complexity of memberships or recurring payments. Some customers greatly appreciate this!

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