Within the communication settings you're able to link your existing Mailchimp account, add address that shows up on invoices and control customer activity email notifications.

Mavenseed handles all transactional emails for you. A transactional email is one that is automatically triggered from the system. They include: Payment Confirmation, Payment failure, Password reset, Subscription Confirmation and Cancellation.

Site Email: Appears as the "From:" field on transactional emails.

Connecting Mailchimp to your Mavenseed account.

Note: To enable the Email address field on your Launch Page, you must first add in your MailChimp API key via the Site / Settings / Communications tab.

Mavenseed also supports adding customers to your preferred newsletter provider. We currently support Mailchimp. You can set your Mailchimp settings under your sites communications settings.

What's an API Key?

API keys allow us to connect to various 3rd party services for syncing data. You can find your Mailchimp API Key here

Once you've added your API Key, click Save Email Settings and then use the drop-down list to choose which audience you'd like Mavenseed to add your customer emails to.

Filling out your Address for invoices

Enter in your business address to auto-populate on customer invoices and receipts.

Emails to Deliver

Here you are able to choose which events you'd like to be emailed about. Currently you may choose: Created Answer, Created a Comment and Created Question.

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