August 2021

Aug 18th

New Features

  • New! Gift Subscriptions - Gift cards can now specify a subscription plan when being created. Then, when a customer purchases and sends the gift card, the recipient will be subscribed to that plan when claiming the gift subscription.


  • Customer account orders screen now shows what was purchased for easier reference


  • Fixed error when claiming a coupon that brought the total negative, we now display the error on checkout

  • Fixed game level mailer sometimes not sending due to record not persisting

  • Fixed error dismantling sites due to legacy templates

  • Fixed error with checkout occurring when order isn't present from cleared or corrupted cookie reference

  • Fixed error from bots probing pages that don't exist

  • Fixed error visiting event in admin that doesn't exist

  • Fixed the order of game level settings in admin

  • Fixed caching bug with nested site links not purging cache of parent link

Aug 10th

New Features

  • New! The Gamification Plugin has been updated with support for badges! Customers can now receive badges for completing courses and subscribing to certain plans. This update also includes notifications for badges, and notifications for when the customer graduates to a new level. Read more on our docs -> Gamification.

  • New! When a customer downloads a file that's attached to a course, download, or live stream, we now log this activity with the customers IP address, which is useful for when a dispute occurs. You can download these logs and submit them to PayPal to help your claim. These will show as "downloaded_attachment" under the events section in admin.


  • Updated the buttons on a lesson view to offer more affordance as it was never clear what they do (bookmark, submit to exercise, and mark as watched)

  • Added "My Saved Stuff" to customer dropdown which links to "Saved" in customer dashboard


  • Fixed errors when uploading invalid files into drag-drop uploader utility

  • When the app is accessed via IP, acts_as_tenant gets a downcase error in appsignal. This has been a long standing issue and has now been patched.

  • Fixed error when mentioning in the full editor

  • Fixed thread author not able to mark a comment as "correct"

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