Creating Subscription Plans

Set up the billing interval and products accessible from the subscription

Offering Subscriptions on your site is a great way to grow recurring revenue, while delivering consistent value to your supporters.

To get started, we'll first need to set up a plan(s) to allow your customers to choose from.

Plan Setup

Click on the Subscriptions link within your Site's Admin. This will list all of your subscribers to your Maven site.

  • Click on the next tab over Plans to view your existing plans.

  • Click the New Subscription Plan button in the top-right corner,

  • Plan Name: This is the public facing plan name you're offering to your site,

  • Description: The text description of what a subscriber would get by subscribing to this plan. This space has a styling editor for general formatting of your text.

  • Supported Gateways: How would you like to support your customers paying for your subscription.

  • Amount: Cost of the subscription per billing period,

  • Plan active: (Displayed after initial creation) When checked the plan will be offered to people on your site. When not checked, active members of that plan will remain on it, but it will not accept any new signups.

Recurring Setup

  • Interval: This is the frequency your customer will be billed. Here you can set up Daily, Monthly or Yearly plans,

  • Interval Count: Is how often you want to bill them based on the above frequency. E.g. If you choose monthly, but you want to bill them every three months your Interval Count would be 3.

To set up recurring Monthly subscription. Set the Interval to Monthly, with an Interval Count to 1. This will bill your customers once every month. 👍

Trial Period Days

Enter in the number of days you'd like for your free trial. Keep this at zero to not offer a free trial on the plan.

You can edit the Trial Day Period after the plan has been created. Editing the number, or even turning it off with zero will not affect any member that have previously subscribed. It will only affect new subscribers to the plan.

Add Features

Here you can give access to certain features of your site. For example, you could have a "Basic" plan, and "Pro" plan, where the "Pro" plan gives access to file downloads, video downloads, exercise submissions, and live streams.

File Downloads - These are files that you upload to a course, often times containing original source code.

Video Downloads - In the video player, customer can download the HD version of the video via the share button. You can limit who has access to this.

Exercise Submissions - These are a type of a lesson that you can add to a course, where a user has to upload their submission to the exercise for it to be graded.

Live Streams - Limit who has access to live stream, for example, make live streams only available to users on a "Pro" plan.

The supported features are not hidden for those who cannot access them, but rather they are shown, and offer a call to action for the customer to upgrade. This is what's shown when attempting to add a submission to an exercise that the customers plan doesn't give them access to.

Supported Features only affect customers with subscriptions.

This means that customers who purchase a course or live stream by itself automatically have access to all features.

Add Supported Products

This is where you add which products you'd like to be included within your subscription.

Once you add a product, a subscription CTA will be automatically added to that product encouraging members to subscribe to gain access to that piece of content.

Not seeing your product in the drop-down list? For it to display here, it must be a piece of content for sale with a price set.

Team Support

If you'd like to enable your subscriber to invite others to their team account, enter the number of seats or people they will be able to invite. Learn more about offering team plans.

Adding Game Badges to subscriptions.

If you have the Gamification plugin activated, you'll be able to upload Subscription game badges to be displayed on your customer's profiles.

Plan active?

Checking this box will display this plan as a choice on your subscribe and upgrade sections throughout your site. If you'd like your plan to not be displayed as a choice, uncheck this box.

Note, if you don't have Plan Active checked. Any active subscribers will still retain access and renew properly. The plan itself will simply not be an option to choose from during upgrade or signup.

You're done, click Create Plan.

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