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Each site comes with an option to run an active community forum. By default the feature is enabled in your site's main navigation, though may be remove by editing your site links.

The community topics are populated by questions asked on your enabled content across your site, and from topics created directly on the community.

For community topics created by questions on content. There will be a link on the question connecting where the topic was created.


Community topics can be categorized into both categories, and sub categories. These will be displayed on the topic itself, and link to a filtered view of topics with that specific category or sub category.

These filters are displayed on the index page of the community forum as well.

Subscribing to Topics

It's helpful to understand how and when you or the customer will be notified of new activity.

For Topics

If you create topic in the community forum, then you are automatically subscribed to the thread to receive further notifications when new replies are left.

If the customer creates the topic, then they will be automatically subscribed to the thread only if they have that setting enabled within their Preferences under /dashboard/preferences.

For Replies

When you or the customer replies to a topic, then the thread will become "unviewed" to everyone who has viewed it. When we say "unviewed" that is to say, the question is no longer grayed out on the front page of the community forum.

The thread will also display the number of new replies since you last viewed the thread.

You and customers both can un-subscribe to topics.

Both you and customers will receive notifications of new activity within the app, respective of your Notification Settings.

Pinning Topics

Questions can be pinned, which will stick to the top of the community forum when viewing the index. Pinned questions are denoted by an accent triangle which uses the primary color of your sites design.

Site admins and staff can pin any questions by visiting the question, and using the dropdown toggle to pin or un-pin.

Restricting Access

You can set up your community forum such that it can only be access by a paying subscriber. This setting can be found under admin/settings, at the very bottom of the screen.

Once you toggle this box, only those with a subscription will be allowed to access individual forum posts. They will still be able to view the index listing at the forum main page, but will be shown a prompt to upgrade to a paying subscription, which will link to your sites /subscribe page.

You must have at least one subscription plan configured to use this feature.

You also have the option of restricting to a specific plan. Meaning, only those with the selected plan have access to the community forum. This can be setup by editing any subscription plan, and selecting "Community Forums" from the list of Supported Features.

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