Your Reports section helps you keep a pulse on your business by understanding your revenue, which products are selling, and how actively engaged your customers are with your content.

Reports are being actively developed as the rest of the site matures. If there is something specific you'd like to see please email us at

Revenue Report

Your Revenue shows a breakdown of your revenue in the chosen time frame, including the current Month-to-Date revenue, last month, and last three months.

In addition to revenue numbers you'll find a pie chart of Payment type (Orders, Subscriptions), and a breakdown of revenue by product.

Taxes Report

The taxes report shows a graph for each type of taxes collected within the chosen date rage.

You may use these reports to determine your total taxes owed to the respective agencies per date range.

Subscriptions Report

In the Subscriptions report you'll find a graph of your customer subscriptions over time, the count of current active (not canceled) subscriptions, the count as of one month ago and three months ago. You will also find a breakdown of which plans customers are subscribed to.

Content Reports

The Content section of Reports provides you a breakdown of basic quantities such as the number of courses sold, how many questions have been asked, the count of exercises submitted, and more.

These are basic stats that are useful for marketing purposes to reference for social proof.

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