Header and Footer Scripts are a great way to add your custom CSS, or script of a 3rd party service to enhance the experience of your Maven site.

Adding a Header Script

This allows you to extend functionality in many ways. For example, you might enable customer support chat with Helpscout's beacon, integrate with HelloBar for simple popups, or even use custom CSS to further modify the look and feel of your site.

To copy in a header script

  1. Login with your Mavenseed account and click on the settings menu item within your Site Admin.

  2. Click on the Scripts menu item on the right,

  3. Here is where you can paste in your custom CSS, or 3rd party scripts. Multiple scripts may be added.

  4. Click Update Site Scripts to see the results on your live site.

Additionally, you're able to add scripts to be loaded in the footer of each page of your site. Depending on the service you're integrating with, this may be required. To do so follow the same steps above, simply adding code to the footer section within Scripts.

Examples of services and usage of the Header Script field.

Custom CSS

If you'd like to push your Mavenseed site beyond the default options, and are savvy enough to do so. Paste in your custom CSS here to change background colors, image placements and much more.

Read more on Site Customizations.

Example Services to consider

Help Scout - A support messaging platform designed to keep your customers happy and your team in sync.

Hotjar - An easy way to gather visitor behavior through heatmaps, video records and funnel conversions,

HelloBar - Is a great way to add product announcements, messaging and email collecting pop-ups.

Intercom - Online support, marketing and documentation tool.

And many others! Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics can also be installed this way. Basically any service that can be installed by placing a snippet of code within the header can be done in this way.

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