This document will overview how to added quizzes to your courses on Mavenseed

For the quiz grading logic to work correctly, at least three questions are required for each quiz.

Adding a Quiz to a Chapter

  1. Click the three dot menu icon in the upper right hand corner of the content block. Choose Add Quiz from the drop-down menu. This will slide out the Create Quiz panel on the right hand side of your browser.

  • Quiz Title: Be descriptive and compelling

  • Content, or Description of the Quiz: Description of the quiz you're asking your students to take.

  • Click the Add Question button to add in your first question to your quiz.

For a quiz to be graded properly, an odd number of questions must be added.

Click Add Answer to begin adding the multiple choices you'd like to present your students with. Be sure to check the Correct Answer.

Once you've added all of your questions, click Create & Add Quiz

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