Editing a Subscription Plan

Due to limited with Stripe, you cannot change the ID, amount, currency, and or billing cycle once the plan is created. To do so, it's recommended you create a new plan with the modified settings.

Click the drop-down menu on the right hand side of the subscription row you'd like to edit.

While you're restricted on some things you may edit on an active Subscription plan, you're able to adjust the following;

  • Plan Name: This is the public facing plan name you're offering to your site,

  • Description: The text description of what a subscriber would get by subscribing to this plan. This space does allow simple HTML for general formatting of your text.

  • Supported Gateways: How would you like to support your customers paying for your subscription.

  • Amount: Cost of the subscription per billing period,

  • Recurring Setup: Determine how often the customer should be charged for the plan.

  • Stripe Plan ID: This is the unique identifier for the matching resource in Stripe. It's automatically filled in after the plan was created. Proceed with caution. For plans to properly renew, this needs to match within Stripe.

  • Braintree Plan ID: This is the unique identifier for the matching plan in Braintree. Due to limitations with Braintree, this unique identifier must be filled in manually.

Support features of this plan:

Here you can give access to certain features of your site. For example, you could have a "Basic" plan, and "Pro" plan, where the "Pro" plan gives access to file downloads, video downloads, exercise submissions, and live streams.‌

File Downloads - These are files that you upload to a course, often times containing original source code.‌

Video Downloads - In the video player, customer can download the HD version of the video via the share button. You can limit who has access to this.‌

Exercise Submissions - These are a type of a lesson that you can add to a course, where a user has to upload their submission to the exercise for it to be graded.‌

Live Streams - Limit who has access to live stream, for example, make live streams only available to users on a "Pro" plan.‌

Community Forums - Limit access to the community forum based on a specific subscription plan. Note: you will need to enable this feature under admin/settings at the bottom of the page.

The supported features are not hidden for those who cannot access them, but rather they are shown, and offer a call to action for the customer to upgrade. This is what's shown when attempting to add a submission to an exercise that the customers plan doesn't give them access to.

Adjusting which products are included.

By default a subscription plan will not include any products or content. Using the drop-down menu choose which products you'd like to be included within this specific plan.

Not seeing your product in the drop-down list? For it to display here, it must be a piece of content for sale with a price set.

If you wish for all of your content to be able to be accessed by the subscription, toggle the corresponding option. This overrides the Supported Products option above by granting access to all of your content with the specific subscription.

Team Support (Optional)

Here you can turn this plan into a "team" plan by specifying the number of invites that each subscriber can add to their team. Added team members will share the membership.

How to delete a subscription Plan

If you have active subscribers on a plan, it's not recommended you remove this subscription plan. Instead, update the name to something you recognize it is no longer active on the site.

Warning: If you delete a subscription plan with subscribers to that plan, these members will not be able to access the site and will receive a general app error. To remedy, re-create the plan and edit the affected member's subscription to have the plan attached.

From the Subscriptions Admin Menu, click on the Plans tab to see the list of created plans. Choose the drop-down menu to the right of the plan you'd like to delete.

  • Choose Destroy, this will give one last final prompt to confirm this is something you'd like to do.

  • Note, things which are destroyed are not recoverable.

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