Overview of your Mavenseed site settings
Your site settings control how your site appears to your customers. By adjusting your site layout, communication settings, and 3rd party integrations.
  • Site Name: The name of your site, should have been populated from what you entered when you created your account.
  • Site Description: This will show on social media when your site is shared.
  • Site Image: Image that will show when your site is shared out on social media.
  • Logo: Upload your logo. The size of this file must be under 5MB, with acceptable formats JPG, JPEG, or PNG.
  • Favorite Icon: This is what displays on the browser tab - Upload your favicon. It must be a 16x16 favicon with a .ico file format.
  • Header Scripts: Any script placed here will load in the header of your site. It's a great way to add custom CSS, or installation code snippets to your site. Read more here.
  • Featured Course: This is the most predominant piece of content on your site's home page.