Creating your account

Follow these quick and easy steps to setup your first Mavenseed site.

Mavenseed was built with Stripe in mind. Stripe is the merchant processor used to accept and process card payments from your customers. Create a Stripe account here. When you first create your Mavenseed account, you'll be asked to connect your Stripe account.

If Stripe is new to you then we recommend exploring our Stripe Documentation.

Mavenseed currently offers a PayPal Braintree integration, though intends to sunset this in favor of a native PayPal integration in the future. If this is of interest to you please let us know.

Our intentions with Mavenseed, are not to make money unless you do, with no imposed timeline for you to begin selling. Creating a Mavenseed account is free, but does require an invite. Request one here.

Visit and enter your information, along with your invite code. Enter your preferred URL for your site, but don't fret you can change this later, even point a custom domain to your MS site.

Next steps

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