Creating your account
Follow these quick and easy steps to setup your first Mavenseed site.
Welcome to Mavenseed! After creating your account there are just a couple quick settings to set up before diving into creating content.

Step 1: Creating your site

  • Your Site Name: This is your name of your business, site and or brand you'd like people to know you by.
  • Subdomain: This is your URL of your site that people will visit.
Click Create & Continue to move on.
Custom Domains - we are working to add custom domain support such that people can visit your domain directly without typing Stay tuned!

Step 2: Answer a couple questions to help us understand how you got here

These questions help us understand what brought you to Mavenseed so that we do a better job of catering to your needs and growing the Mavenseed community.

Step 3: Connect to Stripe

The next step is to connect your Stripe account so that you may begin accepting payments and get paid. This puts you in full control of revenue earned through your Mavenseed site.
If you're not ready to do this, or don't yet have a Stripe account then no worries, you can skip this step for now and set it up later. If Stripe is new to you then we recommend exploring our Stripe Documentation.
Your next step will depend on what you chose in Step 2, directing you to begin creating your first content. The options are:
Beyond creating content, you may also want to set up your Launch Page to begin collecting email addresses and building the excitement surrounding your upcoming product!
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Step 1: Creating your site
Step 2: Answer a couple questions to help us understand how you got here
Step 3: Connect to Stripe