January 2021

January 6th

New Features

  • Free plugin - Loves! - Adds a heart icon to questions, answers, and comments, which gives your customers the ability to "love" content.

  • Further organize your content with sub categories!

  • Community forums are now filterable and sortable with categories and sub categories.

  • Customers can now subscribe to threads in community forums, which will email them when a new reply is added.

  • We added a new "published at" field for posts, and the posts index page are now sorted by the "published at" date, as well as in the admin list view. All current posts that are published have had their published at date set to the date when the post was created to maintain backwards compatibility.

  • Coupons have been added to the API.

  • Image ALT tags and titles are now editable inside the WYSIWYG editor.

  • Long lessons are now detected, and will display the "Previous / Next Lesson" buttons at the bottom of the lesson for easy navigation.

  • We added unique id's to each page builder widget to use for styling purposes. These will appear as so: (#ms—site-widget-XX).

  • Page leafs in the page builder can now be duplicated!


  • App wide audit revealed several bottlenecks that we optimized. This includes the caching of site links, optimizations to the user invite screens, optimizations to the payment index in admin, and many more. This resulted (in some cases) of a 50% reduction in database queries which means improved performance and page speeds across all sites.

  • Added CSV import previews and batch operation improvements, along with 16 new types of data import tools. We now support importing 43 different types of data, but please reach out to us before you do! The import work is still underway.

  • The admin menu has been restyled.

  • Overhauled internal authorization logic to be more secure.

  • Charts are now loaded asynchronously which improves page load speeds in admin revenue reports.

January 11th

New Features

  • Added "Purchased" and "Subscribed" events to the "Emails to Deliver" settings found in settings/communications. This will now send an email to the sites default email when a new payment is made, and when a new subscription is created.


  • Moved "View Site" button from dropdown into the admin bar for one less click to view site.

  • Fixed editor not saving if form submitted while in code view.

  • Fixed image uploads for supers

  • Fixed error in return path after form submission due to no contact page being setup

  • Fixed error not awarding game points due to customer reaching end of level

  • Fixed error not accounting for form submission with javascript disabled

  • Fail gracefully if no coupon or plan found when claiming a coupon for subscriptions

  • Fixed privacy and term paths in app footer

January 12th

New Features

  • Downloads can now be scheduled.

  • The published_at date can now be changed for courses and downloads.

  • Scheduled launch now showing for courses and downloads if record is scheduled


  • Posts and downloads now ordered by scheduled at first (if there are any), followed by published_at :desc

  • Post, Course, and Download published_at field is now updated when the record is moved to publish, instead of when it's created

  • Fixed status label of scheduled for admin records that are scheduled

  • Added tooltip to show when the record was published, and if its scheduled, when it's scheduled for.

Data Migrations

  • The course published_at fields were updated to match the created at fields, but only if the course was published and the publish_at date and scheduled_at fields were nil. This was necessary to maintain backwards compatibility as the new field was introduced to existing data.

  • The download publishedat date has been updated to the created at date for all existing records, again only necessary due to the introduction of the published at field to maintain backwards compatibility.

January 14th

  • Hotpatch admin course view. The tooltip that shows when the course was published was throwing an error because the course was published, but the published_at date was missing.

January 21st

New Features

  • Lessons are now automatically marked if a lesson has a video, and the video is 90% watched.

  • When a Lesson is marked as watched, the accompanying lesson in the course list is now updated in real time to reflect the completed status. Previously this would remain unchanged, possibly leading to some initial confusion.

  • Categories, sub categories, and tags can now be created directly while editing a course, download, post, or live stream.

  • Added a link to "Orders" in the customer avatar dropdown.

  • Added a badge in the customer orders screen to indicate what type of product was ordered.


  • Fixed a display bug with revenue charts not listening to the date range picker.

  • Fixed a display bug that was causing an extra day to be showing before, and after a chosen range in report charts.

  • Fixed a display bug preventing admin live streams from loading if a stream was scheduled.

Did you know?

Mavenseed is run by just two people! Wes fields support, and Nick is the sole developer. Keep those bug reports and feature requests coming! We thank you for your continued patience. ♥️

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