Team Plans

Offering team plans through your Mavenseed site

If you're offering subscriptions to your customers, you may be interested in enabling a group, school, and or team to join your site in an economical way. With Mavenseed, you're able to create custom team plans which give you direct control over pricing and the # of members within that team subscription.

First we'll need to define our team subscription plan

While logged into your Mavenseed admin account click on > ecommerce > Subscriptions > Subscription Plans > Create a new Subscription PlanThe default for this is empty. This means that the subscription plan will not provide support for Teams to the customer.

To reveal the Team Support options, first create/save your new plan and then click edit.

Only after updating this field with a number, will it activate the Team tab for the customer. If you put 10 as the value, then the customer will be able to invite 10 other people to share their subscription.

What your Team Subscriber owner sees.

When a team subscriber joins, the next step for them would be to create the actual team by visiting their Account > Team and filling in the Team Title + Description.

Once you've updated your team's information, the "Add Team Member" menu will appear below. Here is where the team lead may invite users to their account via email.

Once invited the team admin has the ability to copy the invite link and revoke the invite.

When a team member joins, they will share the access permissions from the team subscription plan subscribed to by the team owners. To see if they're part of a team, they would visit account > Subscription

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