The dashboard is your place to keep a pulse on your Mavenseed business.

Your dashboard is unique to you as someone managing a site, and holds widgets that display different types of information.

Adding Widgets

Add a widget by clicking the "Add Widget" button. A panel will open up and allows you to select between a few different types of widgets with different information.

Each widget can have a unique title and date range. We currently provide a few pre-set date rangers, although this may change in the future to allow custom date ranges.

  • This Week - The current week beginning on Monday

  • This Month - The current month

  • Last Month - The last month

  • This Year - The current year

Email Subscribers

This is a total count and graph of the change over time in your email subscriber list. The email subscriber list is powered by Mailchimp, which requires connecting your Mailchimp account.


The Revenue widget is an at a glance view of your recent revenue.


This widget shows both pending and active subscriptions created within the selected date range.

Recent Activity

This is a powerful widget allowing you to drill down and display any type of activity on your site. You can select different types of events to display in the widget, and you can have as many Activity widgets on your dashboard as you want.

With this widget you can select an Author, and any customer submitted records for any content that the author is added on, will display. For example, if you select Exercise Submissions with a specific author, then it will only display submissions to exercises if that user is marked as an author on that specific course.

Heads up! The author filter will only display records created after Nov 9th 2022 due to additional logic required within the apps architecture.

Clicking on a single event will bring you to the Event view ande will mark that Event read. This will only mark it read for you as a user.

Clicking on All Events will bring up your Latest Activity feed.

This displays all the events happening on your Mavenseed site. Here you can sort and filter by the types of events you'd like to view. Interested in learning more about the activity feed?

Additional Settings

Your dashboard widgets can be moved around by simply dragging them around the dashboard. Additionally, you can adjust the layout between two or three columns.

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