Course Files

Depending on the type of course you're offering. Having the ability to attach files to it will be important. E.g. Including student starter sheets, or work files to get started.

To add new files

Drag and drop the files onto the site, or click the browse link to locate them on your local computer.

You'll see a file uploader displayed. Once the file is successfully uploaded it will appear in your course files list.

How they are displayed

As someone who manages the site, course files won't be visible to you, but they are visible to the customer when viewing a course, or lesson within the course.

When the "Course Files" button is clicked, it slides open to reveal the list of files.

When they are displayed

First and foremost, access to the files hinge on the course. If the course is free, then the files are free to download.

Files are a pro level feature.

If the course is not free, and it's a digital purchase only, we check their record of purchases. If it's a subscription only thing, we check to see if the subscription plan that's attached to their subscription, has file downloads enabled. If it's a team we check the team access.

In all cases above, the customer won't be able to download the file unless they have a subscription (or if the course is free).

They will see the files, but when they attempt to download it, the following prompt will be shown:

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