Customers with no orders

Preparing your data to import

You'll need to know your customer's email, first and last name to use the data importer. .

  1. Download the template above 👆

  2. Fill in your customers first name, last name and their email.

  3. Next you'll want to fill in what product(s) you'd like attached to these customers. To do so you'll need to grab the slug, or the last part of the product URL and paste that into either the course or download column.

Example - I am interested in attaching this course to a customer import.

I would grab the last bit of the URL to paste into my .csv underneath the column courses. In this example, it would be the "how-to-drone-with-a-drone"

You can add multiple courses and or downloads by separating the slugs with a comma. e.g. course-01, course-02

Once your data is ready, be sure to save this as a .csv on your computer.

Uploading to Mavenseed

When you're ready log into your Mavenseed site and click on the Account menu item in your Avatar drop-down menu.

  1. Click on the Sites Tab,

  2. On the site you're looking to import data into, click the three dot menu item and choose Data Imports,

  3. Click on the "New Data Import" green button in the top-right corner,

  4. Leave the import type blank

  5. Click the "Select CSV File" and choose your saved .csv file from above with your customer information.

  6. Click "Begin Import"

This will take you to the Data Import log. The status of your most recent upload will show Pending. To clear this typically you may have to refresh the page to see that your .csv was properly imported.

To confirm, head over to your Customers menu to search review your customer list.

The Final Step

During the import process Mavenseed does not notify your members. Instead we've kept this control in your hands to craft that custom experience.

Usernames are auto-generated during the import based off of their email. If the member would like to adjust this they can do so through their profile.

The one thing your newly imported members will have to do is reset/update their password to claim their account. They may do so by visiting the forgot password link on your Mavenseed site.


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