Take control of how you are notified about your customers activity on your site.

Mavenseed has two notification systems that run in parallel (one for the customer, and one for you as a site user). Each notification system delivers different types of notifications, but each system is similar in that you can control the type of notifications that you get.

Customer Notifications

These are notifications that the customer receives. Some of the notification types are dependent on whether or not the associated Market plugin is activated.

  • When a customer loves another customers Question or Answer (*requires Loves plugin)

  • When a new item is added to a Playlist (*requires Playlist plugin)

  • When a customer follows another customer (*requires Profiles plugin)

  • When a customer is mentioned in a Question, Answer, or Comment

  • When a customer subscribes to a forum thread

  • When a site staff member buzzes a comment

  • When a exercise submission is graded by a site staff member

  • When a new Game Level or Game Badge is awarded (*requires Gamification plugin)

* if your site has the plugin activated, it's available to all customers

Each notification sends an email and a site notification. The customer can turn off emails, or turn off the notification completely.

Some of the options depend on whether or not you have the associated plugins activated.

User Notifications

These are notifications that are sent to you as the person managing the site (this also includes users with a staff role), and are backed by the same type of settings as customer notifications. These types of notifications are kept to a minimum by design, and are mainly geared towards content creators.

  • When a customer asks a question on a course that you are a content author of

  • When a customer submits to an exercise on a course that you are a content author of

  • When a customer replies to a forum thread that you are subscribed to


Notifications are opt-in. This means you won't get notifications until you visit the notification settings page in admin at All you have to do is visit the page. Updating the default settings aren't necessary unless you'd like to change them.

For your customers, they'll be shown a notice when any new notification setting options are added in the future. This is to prevent your customers from automatically receiving emails from a newly launched feature, thus filling your support queue.

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