Extend the functionality of your site with free and premium plugins.

The Maven Market is a repository of free and paid for plugins that you can activate to extend the functionality of your site. At the time of launch we currently have several free plugins, and in the near future we'll be opening up the market to 3rd party developers.


Plugins must first be installed to your site. Click any of the plugins, and then click the "install" button when viewing the plugin information.


After a plugin is installed, you can review any settings that may be available for the plugin. After you are satisfied, simply "activate" the plugin to introduce the functionality to your site.


If you no longer want a plugin on your site, you can deactivate it. When you deactivate a plugin, any data created by the plugin will be retained.


If you wish to completely remove the plugin and all of its data, you can uninstall it. When you uninstall a plugin, it will remove all data that was created by the plugin. This process is not reversible.

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