Use our integration with Mailchimp to power your email marketing in Mavenseed

How to get up and running with Mailchimp inside of Mavenseed.

  1. 1.
    Login with your Mavenseed account at From your Avatar drop-down menu on the top-right of the page, select the name of your site.
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    On the left hand side click Settings > Communications
  • Site Email: Appears as the "From:" field on transactional emails.
  • Mailchimp API Key: Used for subscribing customers to your email newsletter. Once you enter and save the API Key, a new option will appear below to select your preferred email list.
  • Default Email List: After entering in your API Key, a new option will appear to choose which email list you'd like your customers to subscribe to.
A Mailchimp account is required to collect email addresses from your customers. Don't fret, we vouch for them and to start off you can roll a free account that will scale when you do. After creating your Mailchimp account, click here to find your API Key.

Why would you integrate Mailchimp?

The primary reason would be to collect email addresses from your site's launch page or product coming soon page. Once you have added your Mailchimp API this email field will appear on coming soon product and your site's Launch Page.
Once you have your Mailchimp account set up, you will be able to craft onboarding campaigns and communicate via regular newsletters through MailChimp to your members.

Mailchimp Tags

If you sell subscriptions, we'll automatically tag those customers in your Mailchimp account so that they can easily be segmented.
Only customers who have consented to email marketing will be tagged in Mailchimp.
The following tags are send to Mailchimp under the below listed conditions:
Free Signup
When someone creates a free account they are tagged as free
When a customer subscribes, three tags are added: subscriber, status-active, plan-monthly. The status is reflective of the subscription status as it changes. For example, if the customer has canceled, they will be tagged with subscriber, status-canceled, plan-monthly. The reason the customer stays tagged with subscriber is so that they can be segmented between status-active, status-canceled, status-expired, or status-trialing.
The plan tag uses the id the plan in Stripe or Braintree.
For Stripe Plans that do not have a custom ID set, this would be in the form of plan_xxxxx. For Braintree it would be the name of the plan that you set.