How to: Creating a tiered subscription offering

In this scenario we'll walk through how to create a typical Basic and Pro offering on your site.

Let's create two subscription plans within Mavenseed. We'll call these Subscription A and Subscription B for the time being.. This mimics a typical offering of Basic and Pro.

By default no products are assigned to your subscriptions, so you'll have to assign products to them for your customers to have access.

Let's say we have six products.

Subscription A (Basic) will have access to three of these products with Subscription B (Pro) to have access to all six of these products with a different price point.

Edit each of your subscriptions, scrolling down to the bottom of the form to add products or take them away from the subscription plan.

Not seeing your product in the drop-down list? For it to display here, it must be a piece of content for sale with a price set.

Other possible scenarios:

  • Creating two subscriptions with the same product access, but with different billing periods; Yearly & Monthly

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