June 2021

June 1st

New Features

  • Expanded customer notification setting options

  • Customer and seller information now displayed on invoices

  • Card brand and last 4 now displayed on invoices

  • You can now save your EIN into settings/communications and will be displayed on invoices

  • Added ability for customers to change avatar when editing customer profile

  • If an order is refunded the payment pdf is now updated as such

  • New API endpoint for Chapters

  • New API endpoint for Course Chapters (to list chapters by course id)


  • Improved user interface and flow for changing subscription plans

  • Subscription plans now require a price over $0

  • Customer subscription upgrades/downgrades now immediately charge for any outstanding amount, and billing cycles will change to the same day

  • Added clarification when previewing a subscription plan change as far as credits on remaining time on subscription


  • Fixed bug when viewing categories if questions are categorized same as courses or downloads

  • Fixed bug opening attachment if attachment not present

  • Fixed playlist notification settings

  • Fixed mention notification settings

  • Fixed styling for customer profile editing

  • Fixed svg images not processing fully when uploaded

  • Fixed stripe plan link when editing subscription plan

  • Fixed order items doubling up when editing in admin

June 29th


  • Customer notification system improvements

  • Customer notification settings improvements

  • Added user notifications and settings

  • Added subscription tab to admin/customers view

  • Added RSS feed with auto discovery for blog posts

  • Courses and live streams now display the categories and sub categories attached, linked to the category or subcategory

  • If a subscription has a coupon applied, that total is now reflected when viewing the subscription by customer or admin


  • Open all PDF links in a new tab

  • Webhooks now respecting livemode for Stripe

  • Customer Dashboard / Settings has been changed to Customer Dashboard / Notifications / Settings


  • Fixed error deleting subscription from admin/subscription view

  • Invalid resources now caught and redirected instead of hard error

  • Fixed leaf duplication error if duplicated from not yet saved leaf

  • Fixed page settings not appearing on newly created page if not visited on front-end

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