Organize your content into Categories

As the amount of content you have on your site increases, you may find yourself needing to organize it. Categories are a great way to do so.

To create a new category for your site

  1. While logged into your Maven account, click the Categories link in the left-hand menu,

  2. This will display a list of active categories on your site. To create a new one click the New Category button in the top right corner.

  3. Enter in the title of your custom category, then click Create Category

To add content to a custom category

  1. While editing the Course, or Download on your Maven site, navigate over to the Details tab of that content,

  2. Within the details section, you'll see a Categories field available to type in your created global category. Note as you click in the field, available categories will appear.

Filtering content by a custom category

Each category creates a unique URL which can be linked to within posts, lessons and your site's main navigation.

To grab the link from your created category, While viewing your list of categories, click on the link within the title column.

This will open up a new tab within your browser filtering all content with that category assigned to it.

This area is still being developed, if there is something you'd like to see with categories, please share your use-case with us at

To add this link to your main navigation, copy the URL and add a custom menu item under your Settings > Site Links

Creating custom categories will also populate on your content filtering within Admin and on your public site.