Emailing your Subscribers

Members who Subscribe to a plan will receive relative tags and automatically get added to your Mailchimp connected audience. This enables you to quickly segment this cohort within Mailchimp.

The tags are:

  • free - this tag is added to anybody that creates a free account & checks the "Notify me of..."

  • subscriber - this tag is applied to anybody that has ever been on a paid plan. (Or is this any plan?)

  • subscriber-withplannamefirst10characters - this tag is applied when they subscribe to that specific plan,

  • status-active - Member is actively paying for a subscription, and hasn't cancelled.

  • status-canceled - Member has sent the cancellation event to the application, but still may have access until their account expires.

    • Note, if a member cancels the status tag will be updated within MailChimp.

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