Enable your customers to create and share custom lists of content handpicked from your content library! This is a powerful feature designed to increase the various paths that a customer can take on their learning journey.

After activating the plugin, your customers (and you!) will have access to a number of new features.

Heads up! The Bookmarks plugin must be active in order to use Playlists!

All Playlists

This is the main view for all the Playlists created by your customers. This page will only show Playlists that have been published, and will not display Playlists that are in draft, or private.

From this page you and your customers can create a Playlist and add content.

Your customers can also view their own Playlists by using the Sort By: filter, and selecting "My Playlists."

Creating Playlists

A Playlists is easy to create. Just give it a title, a description, and add content! Your customer can select from any type of content that you have created and published. This includes Courses, Lessons, Exercises, Quizzes, Live Streams, and even Posts!

You can additionally set a Playlist cover, and set the status of the Playlist to Draft, Published, or Private.

When the status is set to Private, only those with the link to the Playlist will be able to view it, and private Playlists are not listed on the main Playlist page.

Certain buttons may not show depending on if content for that doesn't exist. For example, if you haven't created any Live Streams, then the button to add a Live Stream wouldn't exist while editing the Playlist.

Adding Content

Building a Playlist just takes a few clicks, but we've made it even simpler by merging this functionality in with the existing Bookmarks plugin. This lets your customer add to, or build a Playlist right from any piece of content.

Here's how it works.

While viewing a piece of content, your customers can click the + icon to save the item (Bookmark).

Your customers are then presented with option to add the item to a Playlist, with the option to create a new Playlist in the same sitting!

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