April 2022

April 5th

  • fixed customers sometimes being shown a 404 when subscribing

April 6th

  • fix color compilation

  • fixed undefined var with webhooks taxes (prev deploy)

  • fixed 404 periodically happening on subscription sign up (prev deploy)

  • fixed error visiting subscribe/checkout without completing first step

  • fixed tracking service error by not finding customer

  • fixed color of lesson action buttons on a single lesson view

  • added index for parent id on comments

  • updated seed file

April 7th

  • sitemap support (beta)

  • fix last updated filter in community

April 19th

  • added page titles to admin courses (rest of admin to follow)

  • fixed regression causing display error on remaining standalone content

  • fixed mavenseed articles and newsletter page not loading from added title

April 27th

  • added project link to project created event view (🎉 @RaquelFraktas )

  • removed Wistia resumable plugin that was causing a 404 and enabled option in core settings (🎉 @RaquelFraktas )

  • added ability for instructors to edit exercise submission feedback notes (🎉 @RaquelFraktas )

  • added Team tab to admin/customer view and shows invites and current members

  • only append comment if persisted fixes bot probing and sending errors to appsignal

  • return nil on tracking service if no course attached

  • support incomplete_expired status to better align with Stripe subscription statuses

  • fixed bug preventing multiple duplicate sub categories to be created despite choosing different parent categories

  • SEO: Fixed titles not appearing correctly on pages

  • SEO: Added structured data posts, courses, and questions (qapage) (live streams aren't supported by Google Structured Data, and Downloads already have structured data). See more in docs

  • SEO: Added breadcrumb structured data on lessons pointing up to course, the course index, and course category used

  • SEO : Added/fixed H1 headings on posts, downloads, courses, streams, and questions/answers

  • SEO: Forced en as default lang on HTML

  • SEO: Created dynamic tenant robots.txt files pointing to tenant sitemap

  • SEO: Added rel="nofollow" to all links in comments

  • SEO: Added canonical link tags to all tenant pages, choosing the domain version as the canonical version, if a custom domain is enabled.

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