Pages are great for contact us, team and landing pages.

Pages are "static" meaning they don't change as the content of your site does. Pages are typically used as Team Pages, Contact Us, About you, and Landing Pages.

e.g. Here is an example of CG Cookie's about page.

With some creativity, Pages could also be used to embed live streams from YouTube for your members, or a custom home page for your entire site leaning on Mavenseed's Page Builder to create it.

To Create a Page

  1. Logged in as a Maven, view your Site Admin

  2. Click on Content then Pages on the left-hand side, and then click the New Page green button on the right-hand side,

Creating the page is setting up the basic information. Once the page is created you will have access to the page builder to link videos, images and rich text formatting

  • Title: Enter in a captivating title to your page. This will also be used for your page's URL. You can change this by modifying the slug directly below.

  • Excerpt: Text Snippet used when the page is shared/linked to from social.

  • Page Image (right side): The image used when the page is shared/linked to from social. Note this is not used on the actual page itself.

  • Page Options:

    • Set as home page: You can set this page as your site's home page. Typically good if you're looking for a little more control over what your landing page looks like.

    • Membership Required: If you'd like to have your page only viewable by those with a valid subscription to your site.

Change Page Header Layout

Scrolling down will reveal page layout settings specific to the page you're editing. These are great adjustments for landing pages or home page layouts.

Hide page title: Choose whether or not to display the title on the page

Using custom CSS? It's recommended you uncheck "Default Styles" to ensure your custom styling displays accurately.

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