Updating your Stripe Product ID

In some cases the Stripe Product ID could be missing on early BETA accounts, use these steps to re-sync Stripe and your Mavenseed account.

On some early BETA accounts, the Stripe Product ID was not synced. This will trigger various user errors when attempting to register on your site with a subscription.

If your account is missing it's Stripe Product ID, follow these steps to re-sync your account.

How to find out if it is missing?

  1. Log into your Mavenseed account, through your Avatar drop-down menu click Account,

  2. Navigate to the Sites tab to see a list of the site(s) on your account,

  3. Using the drop-down menu to the right of the site name, choose Edit Site

  4. Here you'll see your Stripe Product ID. If Blank then continue on to the next steps!

How to grab your Stripe Product ID from Stripe

The Product ID is the unique identifier of your subscription, or product. You then create plans or subscriptions of the product.

  1. Log into your Stripe.com account,

  2. Click on Billing, then Products to then find the name of the Products in your account. Click on the product name.

  3. Under Details, there is an ID "prod_############" This is your product ID you'll need to copy and paste into your Mavenseed Site Settings account from above, and click Update Site.

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