February 2021

February 2nd

New Features

  • For first time customers watching a video, we now show a prompt that remind them that they can change video settings globally in customer preferences, in addition to per video. This is only displayed once, unless the customers cookies are cleared.

  • Customers can now adjust playback speed globally under dashboard preferences.

  • Allow .gif files to be uploaded

  • New! Social Links page leaf.

  • New! Data Exports now support exporting email subscribers


  • Fixed subdomains not updating in our infrastructure after being changed

  • Fixed domain proxy to allow changing of domain names.

  • Domain additions now display DNS instructions without an additional page refresh.

  • The button, media text, and hero page leafs: the default button color has been removed from new leafs, and will now reflect the color chosen in site settings, falling back to Mavenseed green if no color is chosen.

  • Fixed background repeat option for page settings

  • Updated GA tag to latest version on main site, tenant sites to follow after production testing

February 8th

New Features

  • Added the email of the subscriber to the "added to newsletter" event display

  • The star rating for reviews on courses, downloads, and live streams, are now clickable and take you to the reviews section.

  • Added styling classes for reviews (.ms—reviews-anchor, .ms—reviews). The.ms--reviews-anchor can be used to style the star rating, and the .ms--reviews can be used to target the list of reviews on a course, download, and post

  • You can now override the /subscribe page by creating a page with a slug of "subscribe"

  • New! Subscription Plans page leaf - you can now display the subscription plans of your choice on any page.


  • Improved custom home page logic prevents the /p/PAGE from showing in the URL. Additionally, the /p/PAGE custom page will now redirect to the root path of your site. In other words, the URL is prettier now if you have a custom home page set!

  • Numerous patches and improvements to the communication between your site and Mailchimp (if you have it configured).

  • Fixed bulk image uploader not responding with an error if the image was too large (> 5mb)

  • Google Analytics has been updated to the most recent version. The UA-XXXX code is backwards compatible with the new version.

  • Improvements to the social links plugin

February 23rd

New Features

  • Exercises now support "Video" or "Sketchfab" as submission types!

  • reCaptcha V3 now protecting all sites.

  • Customers can now submit multiple times to a single exercise


  • After grading a submission, the exercise is automatically marked as watched for the customer

  • Added compact editor to instructor notes when grading

  • The "Update Post" button now sticks when writing long posts for easy updating


  • With the addition of reCaptcha, sites with custom domains setup will NEED to supply their own set of API keys by March 1st 2021

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