With Mavenseed Live Streams, clearly see who has RSVP'd for your Live Event. With the ability to email them before and after the stream taking place with your MailChimp account.

The RSVP tab will display a list of members whom have said they'd like to be notified about your Live Stream. Members who purchase through the cart and subscribe form the Live Stream page will be auto RSVP'd.

Note: Mavenseed will not automatically email your RSVP'd members for any reason. Instead keeping this control in your hands through your MailChimp account.

When Mailchimp is integrated

Members who RSVP will receive two tags and automatically get added to your Mailchimp connected audience. This enables you to quickly segment this cohort within Mailchimp.

The two tags are:

  1. stream-rsvp

  2. stream-First10CharactersOfStreamSlug

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