Offering your content through a Membership makes it easy for customers to access your content in exchange for a recurring payment.

Memberships enable you to exchange any amount of content for a regular payment from your customers. This is an effective way to offer a multitude of content for a lower initial cost, since the cost of access can be spread over time.

To create a Membership visit Subscriptions > Plans and click New Subscription Plan. Each plan you create has a name, a price, an interval, an interval count, and a list of products included in that plan.

The Interval and Interval Count can be used to make any combination of payment terms. For example, a customer that subscribes to a plan with a Month interval and interval count of 3 will be charged every three months from the time of their first payment.

Subscribers to a plan will get access to all included products so long as their account is in good standing; if they cancel or go delinquent they will lose access to the content.