Offering your content through a Membership makes it easy for customers to access your content in exchange for a recurring payment.

Memberships enable you to exchange any amount of content for a regular payment from your customers. This is an effective way to offer a multitude of content for a lower initial cost, since the cost of access can be spread over time.

How much does it cost to sell something on Mavenseed?

If you're selling something a transaction fee is collected for each purchase, or recurring membership payment. Mavenseed's fee is 8% for free accounts, and 4.5% for Plus accounts. Keep in mind the fee's negotiated with your merchant (Stripe) account are separate from ours

For $39/mo we offer a plan that reduces your per transaction fee from 8% to 4.5%, while also increasing the download limit to 500mb and the total videos uploaded to 300. If you have higher requirements, drop us an email

We have a complete section dedicated to the creation of subscription plans;

Subscribers to a plan will get access to all included products so long as their account is in good standing; if they cancel or go delinquent they will lose access to the content.

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