Managing Your Sites

As a Maven of Mavenseed you may choose to create multiple sites, all managed conveniently from a single login.

Creating two or more sites requires a subscription to our Plus plan. If you're a Basic member you can upgrade anytime from

  • View: Will take you to the public logged in view of your site

  • Gateways: Connect Stripe Merchant account to your site to begin processing revenue

  • Site Admin: Takes you to the Admin section of your site where you can build content, adjust site settings and visuals.

  • Edit Site: Update your sites name and subdomain

  • Archive: Archiving your site will remove it from public access.

How to delete your site from Mavenseed

There may be a time you'd like to remove a site from Mavenseed, this can be done through your Account > Site section.

  1. Click Edit on the site you'd like to delete from Mavenseed,

  2. On the right-hand side there is a Delete Site button, with a reminder you could also archive your site instead,

  3. When ready, click the Delete Site button to begin the dismantling process.

  4. We'll display the first prompt to ensure this is what you'd like to do.

  5. Finally we'll display a 2nd confirmation where you must type in the name of the site to delete it from Mavenseed. This cannot be reversed, we'll not have a backup of your site or customers if you go past this point.

  6. Your site will be queued for removal. Still keeping in mind at this point we cannot intervene. It's just a big job that we have to spin up to make it happen. 😎 Depending on the size of your site, it could 10 minutes or more to fully remove the data from MS.

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