February 2022

February 17th

New Features

  • New! You can now create Category Groups, and Tag Groups. When creating a Category, you can optionally assign it to a group. Then, when the categories are displayed in a form when creating content, it will only display those specific categories. This is supported on Community Questions, Projects, Courses, Downloads, Posts, Live Streams, and Playlists

  • added support for attributing a post to a guest author


  • You can now create multiple sub categories with the same slug, so long as they are attached to different top level categories

  • When creating content that has support for categories (this includes courses, downloads, live streams, playlists, posts, projects, and questions), only the sub categories for the selected category will show. If multiple categories are selected, then all of those sub categories will be displayed.

  • Course, download, live stream, and post index views have all been redesigned to accommodate stackable filters.

  • In addition to the above, only the categories used will be displayed, preventing "dead ends" by selecting categories with no content

  • Added option under Settings -> Communication to disable all outbound emails.


  • fixed error creating new sites in admin

  • fixed add to cart button being visible when content is subscription only

  • fixed the "Enable access to all products?" option in Subscription Plans not properly taking affect on the front-end

  • fixed button labels on content cards to read "View more" if the content can be subscribed to AND be purchased individually

  • fixed team access to content on a plan marked to allow access to all content

  • numerous Teams Feature improvements and bug fixes

  • fixed YouTube embeds not respecting boundary width on lessons

  • fixed Mailchimp tags not being assigned on new subscriptions

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