UTM Campaigns

An individual UTM Campaign Report will be created for each visit to your site that contains UTM Parameters. Campaigns are grouped together, and at a glance you can determine the top referrers, along with how many visits the campaign has generated.

We strongly recommend using UTM parameters anytime you link to your site, especially from marketing materials, as you will be able to visualize both in Mavenseed (and in Google Analytics if integrated), conversions specific to each campaign.

How it works

Everything relies on Events. When a course or piece of content is viewed, we log an event. If there are UTM parameters available, we log those on the event. The UTM Campaign View, is visualizing the events associated with that specific UTM campaign.


When someone views a course or custom landing page, and if that URL has UTM parameters in it, we log the event, and we log a cookie in the users browser. Some time later, when the user goes to subscribe, if that cookie is present, we populate hidden fields with the UTM campaign data.

You can inspect the source in the browser to confirm this:

When the user completes the first step of subscribing (or ordering), then they are listed as a Pending Order or Pending Subscription on the UTM campaign view.

Once the Order or Subscription is paid for, they are removed from Pending, and placed into Active.

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