Chapters: Adding & Editing

Once you have your course created, you may begin adding content to your course. Each piece of content lives within a Chapter, or grouping.

Editing a Chapter within a Course

The first chapter of any new course has been automatically created for you. Though you'll likely want to rename this when you're building your content on Mavenseed.

  1. Click the three dot menu icon in the upper right hand corner of the content block.

2. Click Edit Chapter. This will bring in a side panel allowing you to edit the name and description of the chapter.

If you're craving more room to write your content, click the expansion icon next to the "x" to go full screen.

3. After updating your Chapter, or grouping of content. Click Update Chapter.

There are three main types of content you can add to a chapter. A lesson which could be a text, streaming video or downloadable file, an exercise which your customers can submit various files to, and quizzes.

Sorting Content Within a Chapter

Once you've created your chapter, you're able to rearrange the order of the content within a chapter. To do so, Left Click and Drag on the three dot grip menu to the left of the lesson title to the spot you'd prefer.

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