The Activity menu item gives you a view of what's happening across your entire site.

It's based on an underlying events system that is constantly monitoring your site and logging events for everything from viewing a page and adding something to a cart, to leaving a comment, or completing a course.

The main dashboard shows all events along with a graph. The date picker can be used to select a range, and all of the data on the page will be updated to reflect the range chosen.

Below those two charts we have two additional areas for event reporting; the Latest Activity Card, and the Trending UTM Campaigns Card.

Latest Activity

We track a lot of events on your site, and that can be a little overwhelming to keep track of. To help mitigate this, you can "subscribe" to different events. That's what will show here in this area. Any new items will be displayed as such, and when viewed, will automatically mark it as read.

The settings can be accessed by clicking the gear icon in the upper right hand corner. Search and select the events that you wish to see here, and only those will be displayed.

If any page on your site is visited and the link contains UTM Parameters, we'll create a report for that. This can be extremely helpful in determining which marketing campaigns are performing the best. In this card we'll show the top 10 trending campaigns.

Clicking the View button will bring you to a custom UTM Campaign report giving you a breakdown on the UTM Source, UTM Content, UTM Term, and top referring domains.

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