Tree Planting

Making the world a better place, one tree at a time.

We decided to integrate with Digital Humani because they share a lot of our core values as a company, including the goal of being a force of good. After the integration is setup (it's so simple), a tree will be planted for every payment you receive.

As with our other integrations, this is entirely opt-in.

Here's how it works, generally speaking:

  • Enter your Key and Enterprise ID from Digital Humani

  • Select a reforestation project

  • Pay for trees monthly!

Setting it up

Getting setup is pretty easy, but first you'll need to create a free account with Digital Humani.

1. Create a free account on Digital Humani.

2. Locate your API Key and the Enterprise ID

3. Copy the API Key and Enterprise ID, and paste into the corresponding form fields within your site admin under admin/settings/integrations.

4. After updating the settings, the page will refresh, and you'll be able to select a reforestation project.

When completed you should have saved an API Key, an Enterprise ID, and you should have a project selected.

That's all there is to it!

Whenever you receive a payment, we'll send the data over to Digital Humani to plant a tree. There is an optional setting that will allow you to set a payment minimum in order to plant a tree. For example, if you sold a $1 sticker, you may not want to donate $1 for every sale.

How it works

Once you're setup, we'll show your customers that you're donating a tree during the checkout process, and we'll also display the project that you've chosen to support.

When orders are placed, and you receive a payment, we request a tree to be planted with Digital Humani. Tree plantings on payments are denoted with a tiny tree symbol when viewing the index of payments, as well as on the individual payment screen.

How you're billed

No money is actually sent to any service when you receive a payment. We simply send a request to Digital Humani to plant a tree.

Once a month (or sometimes longer, as some projects require a minimum tree count per order), Digital Humani will reach out to you and will confirm the number of tree requests for that month.

They will then get the reforestation project that you chose, to invoice you for the total number of trees billed at $1 per tree.

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