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    Title: Describe your download, don't worry you can change this at any time.
    Modify the Slug: If you click the here link, this will allow you to edit the slug, or URL of the download. Note you must enter a title first.
    Description: Quick description of the download, which you may also change at any time. (Note with the new Page Builder this is likely to become the Excerpt used for SEO)
    Categories: You may optionally categorize your course. If no categories are present in the drop-down, set them up here.
    Tags: If you're leaning on the Global Search, adding tags will great help the chances your customers can find what their looking for on your site.
    Add Author: Here you can assign an author to this piece of content, this will display their name and avatar publicly on the download.
    Feature Image: This is your feature image that best represents the Course.
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