A birds eye view of all communications on your site.

Here you can manage all of the comments on your site. There's a few different sections that use comments:

  • Posts

  • Projects

  • Exercise Submission instructor chat

You can view all of your comments within the Comments Tab (located in the Activity menu), and you can view individual comments by clicking on any comment on the main list.

While viewing the comment, you can respond directly within admin. You'll also be able to see the data that we send to Akismet, and the data that they return by clicking the Request or Response links.

If there's no Akismet list items here, it means the comment was left before we implemented this new system on Dec 7th 2022.

Marking as spam (or ham)

It's inevitable that some spam will get through to your site. If this happens, you can mark the comment as spam, which will do two things:

  • send the data back to Akismet to "teach it" to do better next time

  • deletes the comment

You can do this right from the list of comments on the main page, or by using the dropdown button menu when viewing an individual comment.

Conversely, if a legitimate comment was marked as spam, but it's not spam, then you'll have the option to mark it as ham.

If these controls are not present, it means the comment was left before Akismet was implemented, or the Akismet request is missing (which should never happen, but if it does, it could indicate a bug).

Email and app notifications about comments are not sent if the comment is considered spam by Akismet, or, if the comment is considered spam, then later marked as ham.

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