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December 2022

Dec 7th

  • eliminates Rakismet gem dependency
  • logs Akismet request and responses on the comment
  • logs metadata on comment to later report as SPAM
  • adds methods to mark a comment as SPAM (market plugin comment data, and comment event view)
  • adds methods to mark a comment as HAM
  • adds bulk delete to market plugin comments view
  • adds new comment UI with filter and search
  • adds new leaderboard tab to customer dashboard
  • adds support for searching questions by customer name on the community forum
  • adds grouping support to customer merchandise variants for easier display
  • adds clarity to community answer thread indicating subscribed status on question
  • fixed state error on forms with countries that have no states
  • fixed notification mark as read marking other community replies as read accidentally
  • fixed subscription event not firing for paypal subscriptions
  • fixed date ranges in dashboard widgets causing new records to not be displayed
  • fixed incorrect product count on call to action on logged out lesson view
  • fixed page error when paypal declined user is redirected back to the app