July 2021

July 19th

New Features

  • New API endpoint to list lessons by chapter

  • New event type "added_to_playlist" which fires when a playlist is updated with new content

  • New notification for playlists being updated with new content

  • New customer emails tied to notifications for Playlist updates, new followers, new loves, mentions, and new answers to questions

  • New user emails for questions on courses, exercise submissions

  • New setting type for customers for controlling emails and notifications from forum and playlist activity

  • New setting for customers to turn off

  • New 404 and 500 error pages


  • Usernames now required for all new user registrations (required to work with mentions)

  • Mentionable service now accounts for user or customers

  • Slim WYSIWYG editor added to people bio

  • Notifications are marked as read when they are clicked

  • When a user or customer creates a new question, they are automatically subscribed to that question (this can be turned off by the customer in app preferences)

  • Playlist index order fixed to sort by last created

  • Geolocation API call now cached per IP


  • Fixed playlist featured images not saving

  • Fixed lesson API delete error

July 27th

New Features

  • Access to products ordered can be be optionally revoked when refunding an order

  • In the Community Forum, topics will appear grayed out if you've already viewed it. Also, when a new reply is added to a topic that you've previously visited, it will no longer appear grayed out, and will show the number of replies left since you last viewed the topic.

  • Images upload support added for community forum


  • nothing here to see this time!


  • Fixed the "Disable comments on this post" option not appearing in admin when editing a post, without a subscription

  • Fixed the "refund order" button appearing when the order was already refunded

July 28th


  • to patch incorrect cache key on geofinder service leading to regional coupons not working if ip address of customer is changed

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