Also known as testimonials

Quotes, or testimonials sprinkled throughout your Mavenseed site can help establish trust and reputation with your potential customers.

To create a new quote head over to Content > Posts > Quotes while logged in to your Mavenseed admin account.

Click on the New Quote button

Within each quote, you'll have the ability to add the quote itself, the person's name, and their avatar or image to represent them.

The right-hand side will serve as a preview of what the quote will look like on your site.

🌟 For the best results, upload an image that is of a Square Ratio. 1:1

Once complete, click Create Quote.

The quote itself will not show up on your Mavenseed side unless you're using the Quote leaf on the Page Builder.

How to display the quote on your Mavenseed site

After you've created a few quotes, let's head over to the Page Builder and drop in the quotes leaf.

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