Jan 10th

  • New! Customers can now take notes on a lesson

  • Added Coupon Type filter to admin/coupons

  • Added support for gift card quantity

  • Added date field to admin payment form

  • Added support for changing a Site Policy checkbox label as shown to the customer

  • Added a UI in admin/settings for updating Sitemap and pinging search engines

  • Fixed random elements being inserted into the editor

  • Fixed error with redirect when marking a comment as SPAM

  • Fixed Page layout not being applied to overridden custom pages like subscribe, welcome-customer, pricing.

  • Fixed Printful shipping confirmation webhook notification

  • Fixed Google Optimize integration

  • Fixed tracking path (changed from PUT to POST)

  • Fixed slow loading time on admin/events by indexing name on Events table

  • Increased shard count on Searchkick

Jan 18th

  • New! Customer hover cards - When a customers avatar or name is hovered over, we now show a popover with more details about the customer. This is currently in small scale testing on the community forum and will be deployed to other areas of the app where applicable.

  • Fixed some header data not being populated correctly on subscription and register pages resulting in Optimizely not loading correctly

  • Added a way to quickly add a subscription payment from admin/customer view dropdown menu

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