November 2021

Nov 17th

New Features

  • You can now apply a pre-made template to any page. We have four to choose from - About Us, Contact, Pricing, and Index

  • Customers now receive a notification when their exercise submission is graded

  • We've added a private comment system to exercise submissions. The customer sees this when viewing their exercise submission from their dashboard, and the instructor sees this from managing the event in admin/events

  • Notifications have been added for comments on exercise submissions

  • Instructors can adjust notification settings for comments on exercise submissions

  • Added a 3rd site header layout option (centered) which displays the logo and navigation centered on the screen


  • Google has been allowed as a supported iframe provider in the iframe page leaf

  • Improved empty states for page leafs

  • The Newsletter, Quotes, and People page leafs are now displayed for selection, where as before they were hidden if there were no quotes, people, or mailchimp integration present. They now display an message indicating as such.


  • fixed incorrect path in comment mailers for subdomain

  • fixed billing country not showing the correct saved value in under accounts

  • searchkick index fix from EDU

Nov 11th


  • fixed display of quiz width on lesson view

Nov 3rd

New Features

  • username in admin customer view now linked to profile if profiles plugin activated

  • added author filter to courses

  • added support for community search

  • added filtering and sorting for posts in admin and front-end

  • added "Last Updated" and "My Topics" in community sorting dropdown filter

  • added ability to save a page template

  • added ability to select any saved page template when creating a new course

  • added ability to apply saved page templates with page builder

  • a "your subscription is grandfathered don't cancel" notice is now displayed on the customer subscription page, if the customer subscription is active, but the subscription plan is marked as inactive by site admins

  • added an "activity" tab to admin/customer view displaying latest customer activity

  • added ability to add internal notes to customer in admin/customer view

  • added website url option to customer profile social links

  • added username to display name for customers to help aid in @ mention lookups

  • added Theater Mode when viewing a single video lesson

  • added ability to setup a custom welcome page that's displayed to customers after subscribing

  • File based exercise submissions have been brought back, and now supports multiple/large file uploading

  • added option to display footer links in columns


  • internal gem updates (stripe, sidekiq)

  • internal changes to support deploy markers on appsignal

  • if a product is marked as subscription only, we'll automatically set that to $1 if no price is supplied. We've also added additional help text to help mitigate confusion with products requiring a price

  • the height of the lesson list when viewing a lesson now matches the height of the course content


  • fixed error with cart contents not being updated after picking up a pending order (appeared as bundle error)

  • fixed error with lessons view when no game badges set for unattached course

  • fixed error in path with continue watching page

  • improved Playlist colors between different colored themes

  • fixed images not loading in admin event community view

  • improved menu display on small screens

  • fixed issue with Cookiebot conflicting with turbolinks

  • fixed caption upload bug causing incorrect language

  • fixed highlighted text not being styled

  • fixed image float bug within posts

  • fixed redirect bug when changing the slug of a page in admin

  • fixed "move" icons not appearing in site links in admin

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