Covering how to add those extra details to your course

Adjusting your Course Details directly affects how your course is viewed publicly on your site. Take a moment to write efficiently and compelling text to communicate what value your customers will gain if they were to Subscribe or Purchase this piece of digital content from you.

  • Title: This is the Title of your Course displayed on the site.

  • Excerpt: Think of this as your elevator pitch. A brief paragraph summarizing what your course is all about. The excerpt is typically displayed alongside the course thumbnail

  • Categories: You may optionally categorize your course. If no categories are present in the drop-down, set them up here.

  • Tags: If you're leaning on the Global Search, adding tags will great help the chances your customers can find what their looking for on your site.

  • Author: Select the author you'd like displayed and attached to this piece of content.

  • Feature Image: This is your feature image that best represents the Course.

Once you're ready to dive further into customizing your course presentation, click the "View" to enter the Page Builder to embed videos, hero text and more within your course description page.

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