Increase customer engagement by adding game points and badges to your site! Your customers can award points (we call it XP) by interacting with your site, and they can earn badges by completing certain tasks.

You have full control over how many points to award, and the plugin even comes with a leaderboard (coming soon) that you can display on a public page.


This plugin comes with a few different settings that you will want to configure before activating the plugin and introducing the functionality to your site.

Game Points (XP)

Your customers earn points by completing different tasks on your site. We've set some defaults, but you can change the amount of points (XP) that's awarded with each activity.

Game Levels

When a user accumulates enough points, they can progress to the next game level. When you activate the plugin there are two levels, but you should add more! You can also determine how many points are needed to graduate each level.

The platform will automatically graduate users to the next game level after they have accumulated the minimum number of points that you specify here. Additionally, a notification and email are sent.

These types of notifications and emails can't currently be turned off as they are deemed essential to the plugin operating correctly).

For the customer, their current Level and Points are shown on their profile as well as any badges that they have earned.

This level and current points are also shown on the customers dashboard:

Game Badges

Badges can be setup and awarded but are optional. Currently, Mavenseed can award badges for the following:

  • Subscriptions

  • Courses

In each case, once the customer has completed a course, or subscribed, they will be awarded the badge that you have setup.

In the case of a course, if you have a badge setup, it will show the badge and the points that will be awarded, on the course itself.

Setting up Badges

You can setup badges by editing a course in admin, under the "details" tab. The same game badge form can also be found while creating or editing a subscription plan.

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