The Comments plugin from the Maven Market will introduce commenting functionality to your posts. Both logged out customers (guests) and logged in customers will be able to leave comments on posts.


You can access the settings for the comment plugin by clicking the "settings" button next to the plugin under the "my plugins" tab, under the Market.
Here you can specify the spam question and answer that the user must complete before being able to leave a comment.
Spam question that customer must complete before proceeding.
In addition to the settings above, activating the plugin will introduce a check box on each post, that when toggled, will prevent comments from working on that specific post.
This option will appear when editing a post in admin.


A list of all comments can be viewed by clicking the "Data" dropdown.
Heads up! New comments will be displayed in your Activity feed. You can also opt-in to be emailed of new comments by enabling the option under "Emails to Deliver" under Settings / Communication.
Enable comment notifications under Settings / Communications
Last modified 2yr ago
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