Single Event

Each event comes with some information that can be helpful when working with marketing campaigns. In addition, if the event has to do with something that needs your attention, like answering a question, or responding to a comment, you can do that directly from the event itself!

Answering a Question

Questions asked on your content (if enabled) can be answered from within the event. This is the same as viewing the question on the front-end of your site from the community and answering it there.

Grading a Submission

When clicking on an Exercise Submitted event, you as the Maven will be able to pass or fail the submission and leave additional feedback.

Replying to a Review

If you have the Reviews plugin activated from the Maven market, customers will be able to leave reviews on your products. You'll also be able to reply to those reviews from your event list.

Responding to a Comment

If you have the Comments plugin activated from the Maven Market, visitors and members will be able to comment on your posts. You'll also be able to reply to those comments without ever leaving the Mavenseed admin.

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