Page Builder

Available on Courses, Downloads, Pages, and Live Streams.

The Page Builder allows you to quickly build custom landing pages for your courses, downloads, pages, and live streams. To access the Page Builder on any of the supported pieces of content, click on the Build your Page button in the upper right corner when editing in admin.

This will take you to the Page Builder view of the content you're building on Mavenseed, with the admin bar displayed at the top of the page.

To open the page builder, click the green icon in the top-right portion of the screen.

Once the page builder opens, you can add any number of page leafs by dragging them from the panel, to your page.

  • Button: Add a simple button to your page,

  • Content Grid: Automatically pull in a collection grid of your content; live streams, courses, downloads & posts.

  • Divider: Adds a clean line divider to help separate content,

  • Embed: Paste in an iframe embed code from or Sketchfab.

  • Hero: A hero style widget with a title, subtitle and call to action.

  • Images: Add a single or multiple images to your course description,

  • Media & Text: Quickly add an image, or video with accompanying text to the left or right of it.

    • You can also use this leaf to create an Add-to-Cart experience. Choose your product from the leaf's drop-down, while making sure the URL is blank. Mavenseed will add the product to your customers cart when clicked.

  • Modal: Adds a button to your page that will fire a modal overlay,

  • Newsletter: Add a email field for visitors to sign up for your email newsletter. Mailchimp integration is required for this leaf to work.

  • People: Display a list of people you've set up within your site's content section, great for team pages.

  • Quotes: Display a list of testimonials on your page that you've set up within your site's content section,

  • Text: A simple text editing widget,

  • Video: Supports YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Dailymotion and VK,

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