Offering an Ebook, or digital download of your training

Setting up your first Download

Think of downloads as the thing your customer purchases from your store and then takes it home. A download could be a PDF ebook, script, application, or .zip of nearly anything.

If you're looking to have customers stream your training online, and interact with your site, Creating a Course may be a better option.

From your page, click Content then Downloads menu item on the left hand side. If the Menu is not displayed due to a smaller screen size, click the three bar menu item to expand it.

Click on the New Download green button on the upper right corner to get started.

  • Title: Describe your download, don't worry you can change this at any time.

  • Modify the Slug: If you click the here link, this will allow you to edit the slug, or URL of the download. Note you must enter a title first.

  • Description: Quick description of the download, which you may also change at any time. (Note with the new Page Builder this is likely to become the Excerpt used for SEO)

Click the Create & Continue to move onto more details of your download.

Next steps, to adjust the details, price, and selling options of your download.

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