Submitting to an Exercise

Overview of how your students will submit their exercises for you to review

Customers of your site are able to submit a submission to exercises they have access to. While they may only submit one submission per exercise, they have the ability to edit the submission up until it is graded.

How Customers Submit Exercise Submissions to your Exercise.

Once logged in and with access, viewing the exercise will display a exercise submission button (Folder with + on it).

Adding A Submission

Clicking the exercise submission button (folder with + on it) will bring you to the page to submit your exercise submission.

Depending on the Exercise type, students will be able to submit the required information to you.

  • Title: The name of the Exercise submission,

  • Description: An overview of what you're submitting,

  • Submission Image: Actual image of the Exercise

When ready click the Add Submission button.

After submitting the Exercise Submission, it will be added to the Site Admins Activity Feed. Additionally displayed to the student will be a status block informing them the status of their submission while viewing the exercise.

After a customer submits their exercise submission, a pencil icon will replace the submit button. Enabling students to modify their submission.

Students Access to their submissions

Students are able to view their collection of Exercise submissions by visiting their Account > Exercise Submissions tab.

Clicking View will take them to the Submission.

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